As an innovative enterprise BIOSERV operates modern research laboratories where projects of Red and Green Biotechnology are carried out.

Among those projects are, e.g.:

  • Testing of alternative procedures for producing genetically engineered interleukins and complement components; development of enrichment systems for interleukin/complement component produced in plant cells as a basis for the use in the sepsis therapy and for diagnostic purposes
  • Development of a decision support systems (DSS) for the Integrated Test System
  • Implementation of the procedures of allergenicity and toxicity into the DSS
  • Toxicological and allergological research within the framework of the development of a DSS for the admission and supervision of genetically modified plants
  • Toxicological and allergological  threshold values and indicator substances
  • Development of a recombinant vaccine component against RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Desease) by using pea plants
  • Development of  downstream processing for a recombinant, plant-derived RHD antigen.
  • Product development for the MD-2 biomarker in heart failure